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Do your staff work with clients experiencing drug and alcohol issues?


Do your staff require training in confict resolution and dealing with challenging behaviour?


Does your staff team require development?



Our aim is to provide staff and carers with access to an extensive range of learning and development programmes to enable best practice. We also provide courses on health and safety within the workplace and staff responsibility.  

Our courses are suitable for staff:

  • working in all levels within social care
  • who want to combine information and knowledge with skills enhancement and competency  development.
  • who want to promote health and safety in the workplace


All events can be delivered: 

  • on 1, 2 or more training days
  • over a number of short sessions
  • outwith normal business hours
  • `at weekends

We can offer you training packages:

  • with flexible pricing structures
  • which allow access to learning and development for those without large training budgets.


Established and bespoke course on a range of subjects at introductory and advanced levels


For all NHS enquiries please click here or contact

07898 111 782 for further details



" I would definitely recommend this training to other agencies" (GP)

"Best training days for a long time" (CPN)

"Made me rethink my practice as a social worker" ( Senior Social Worker)

"Excellent delivery" (Student Social Worker)



Advantage Training Consultancy

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or contact  Allan Johnston on 07898 111 782  

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Please contact us on the above numbers or complete an enquiry form on the Contact Us section found at the top of this page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Advantage Training Consultancy can offer flexible training packages on a whole variety of topics relating to Drugs and Alcohol, including the following

Does your organisation want to use your own staff to cascade training down to colleagues?

Do they have the necessary skills to make this a practical option?

If the answer is no, then our Training For Trainers  event is the answer.  

For more information on how this could save your organisation money and
increase the training delivered within your
organisation please click  here​  or
alternatively please contact
 Allan Johnston direct on 07898 111 782 for more details
on these events or to discuss your particular requirements .

Are your staff aware of the implications of your Drug and Alcohol Policies?
Are you satisfied that your Health and Safety staff understand the implications of substance misuse on behaviour performance and general wellbeing of staff?
If not click here and find out what Advantage Training Consultancy can offer you.

CPD Package

we offer a package which includes course development, delivery and evaluation in the field of drug and alcohol misuse, including treatment and interventions. Please contact us for details at the email address or submit an inquiry form​